New WoW Recruit-A-Friend Reward

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Blizzard has added a ninth reward option to the Recruit-A-Friend program, this time in the form of a new mount.


The new mount is the Cindermane Charger. A brief video introduction was included in the announcement:



For more information on the Recruit-A-Friend program and its reward options, visit the Shop RAF page or the RAF support article.

New Recruit A Friend Mount: Cindermane Charger

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Recruit your friends and earn the new Cindermane Charger mount and other rewards. Learn more about the new Recruit A Friend program:
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GTA 5 Delayed AGAIN & eSports Goes Supernova

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Follow Lindsay on: This week on Friday Update Arcade: Holy Arkham Knight Trailer Batman!
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[LoL] – WTF Moments (Episode 4)

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Lower your PING! ◅ ▷Subscribe - Thanks to for supporting my channel!...
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Myr Tariniel (Vanions Gilde) vs. Beastlord Darmac Mythic

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Log: Mal etwas ganz anderes, ein Firstkill Video, da es leider keinen Stream gab! Alle Infos zur Gilde auf WoWProgress: Musik: Robin Schulz Prayer Remix.
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