Raven Lords, Dragon Knights, and Pirates

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I’ve played about twenty games of Heroes since I was inducted into the Alpha about a week back. The first few were against bots, with bots, but once versus opened up I jumped in and went to town. I don’t know what my record is and I don’t care much …read more

Azeroth Choppers — Episode 2

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The bomb drops! This week, Chris and Sammy let Paul Jr. in on a critical piece of news about the project, and we meet the Horde and Alliance crewmates in New York. The teams have accepted their...
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Blood Boil & Rune Strike REMOVED?!? Warlords of Draenor Alpha NEWS by QELRIC

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In this video I explain why I think the most recent changes to Blood DKs - added to the Warlords of Draenor Alpha patch notes - feel bad in their current form. WoW Dev responses to my questions...
From: Qelric
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Further MMR adjustments for Rated Battlegrounds

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You may recall that, a little while back, WoW Insider posted about the changes being made to MMR tolerance in order to repair the ladders after a bug. It seems, unfortunately, that these changes did not go far enough to rectify the issues for players of Rated Battlegrounds. It makes sense that, for this far less played discipline, MMR issues have not self-corrected.

As a result of this, matches played are still resulting in 0 point rating gains with wins, which is disheartening at best. So Blizzard has come up with a simple solution that might have been a faster and more popular fix to the initial issue -- increase everyone's rating to get it closer to their current MMR. If these terms are confusing, I made a fair attempt at explaining them in the last post.

This, coupled with the initial increased tolerance in MMR to rating parity, should result in everyone gaining points for wins. Hit the break for Lore's full post.

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Demon Hunter Spotlight – Abilities

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HotSTV shared a video spotlight featuring the Demon Hunter’s abilities and talents in Heroes of the Storm. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel. They will publish similar tutorial and guide videos. …read more