Hearthstone Bot Bans Expire

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Back in late October, Blizzard announced that they were banning player accounts that had been identified as having utilized one of the various third-party applications being used to automate gameplay. The duration of the ban for botting was three months, and that time period elapsed effective today.


Numerous types of botting programs exist, and have continued to be available. The significant ban wave last fall appeared to have decreased the number of accounts being run using bots, which had become an increasingly prevalent frustration for players on the ranked ladder.


Shortly after the bans were announced, Kripparian stated in an interview that he felt the existence of bots was interesting, and that their algorithms becoming more refined could actually pose some interesting possibilities for testing new decks or practicing ladder play against a more complex AI.


The ban wave was primarily being used to protect Blizzard's game economy, as well as to improve the ladder experience (particularly for players who were logging on to play late at night, where bots would be running and substantially fewer 'real' players would be online).


Blizzard's bot detection remains very accurate and quite aggressive, so the likelihood of a mass resurgence of piloted accounts is unlikely. Still, a lot of players whose collections were built using these bots could theoretically be re-entering the game's ecosystem today.


Have you seen many (any?) players obviously botting recently? Thoughts on the bans expiring? Let us know.

Undertaker Balance Change – Attack Only

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Hearthstone CM Zeriyah posted today to indicate that an upcoming balance patch will change the text of the Undertaker card to the following: Whenever you summon a minion with Deathrattle, gain +1 Attack. An exact date has not been announced as of yet.


Requests for changes to the Undertaker have been circulating since it was first released, due to its impressive value in tandem with many of the low-cost Deathrattle minions introduced in both Curse of Naxxramas and later in Goblins vs. Gnomes.


A variety of possible changes have been suggested online, but this direction from Blizzard feels consistent with comparable minions and effects. Undertaker will remain a valuable card, but not quickly move out of reach of removal by opposing minions or curve-appropriate spells if it is quickly buffed by 2-3 Deathrattle minions in the early game.


Will you continue to use the Undertaker after these changes?


The Undertaker gets taken under. Balance changes are inbound Soon.

[LoL] – AP CHO’GATH (Highlights)

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Has Hearthstone gotten boring?

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My short answer is: of course not! But after playing a couple games on ranked, the ranked system lacks replay …read more

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♣ Sensus | WoW Rogue PvP Guide | Combat Rogue Guide! (WoW WoD Rogue PvP Guide) Patch 6.0.3

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Got a lot of requests to make this one, in this video I go over pretty much everything you need to know about combat rogues for PvP. Thanks for watching, hope it helps! :D ▻Follow My...
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